2011 USA 3rd Jersey

In 2011, Nike released a 3rd jersey for the US Men’s National Team. In my opinion, it should be the first jersey! The classic sash pattern is still present with a deep blue color. But it’s the “red all over” that really makes this jersey stand out.

Red is the most emotionally intense color and is known to stimulate a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is the color of love, a symbol of courage, sacrifice, and even blood. It is the best color the US Men’s National Team can wear. We may not be known for our offensive strength or individual technical skills. But it’s our courage, sacrifice, and determination of a unified team that make us a threat. We bleed red for our country and leave everything on the field.

The jersey is made from 100% polyester. It uses Nike’s Dri-Fit technology allowing you to stay cool and not sweat through the jersey, especially on those really hot days. It is very lightweight and fits well on various body types.

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