2011 USA Women’s National Team Jersey

With the 2011 Women’s World Cup coming up this summer, the US Women’s National Team has introduced a new uniform. The uniforms will be worn starting with the World Cup and into 2012. The jerseys feature the official USA team crest and Nike Swoosh logo on the front chest.

The white jersey will be worn for home games and the black jersey will be worn for away games. The black is very sharp and will be intimidating on the field.

The jerseys are made from 100% polyester. It uses Nike’s Dri-Fit technology allowing you to stay drier, cooler and lighter by drawing sweat from the body to the fabric’s surface, while its three-dimensional construction gives more air space around the skin to reduce clinging, making it great for those hot days this summer! The jerseys are made with a woman’s cut and have a great shape, allowing it to fit well on various body types.

Get your jersey today at We Got Soccer and show your support for the US Women’s National Team this summer!