Adidas Samba

The Adidas Samba is the classic indoor “flat” soccer sneaker. I have had a pair of these for about 5 years now. I’ve used them for an everyday sneaker, running shoe, work shoe, in Samba classes (just kidding!), playing ultimate frisbee, and obviously playing indoor soccer.

These sneakers have stood up to the test and I have always been pleased with them. Now, I’m no great player but I feel my skills have definitely improved once I starting to play regularly again. That combined with the 5-plus years of wear and tear make me like these sneakers even more. Let’s take a closer look at these.

In my opinion, the Samba has never had the best ankle support as it is built so low under the ankle. However, the good thing about that is that it allows for a wide range of movement of the foot. The heel is strong. After 5 years the heel still stands upright for proper support and the cushioning is still in place.

Throughout the entire sneaker, there is good cushioning. The toe of the sneaker is reinforced with suede and the upper sole around the side of the sneaker is notched for added touch on the ball. The grip on the sole is still in perfect shape even after all its use!

My only problem with the sneakers is the length of the tongue. For me, it is too long to be comfortable when left standing up against the shin. The positioning of the notches for folding it over are too high up so you are left with a flap jutting out off your foot. I have to force it to fold lower than the notch by tucking it under the laces to sit in the proper position for me.

Other than that, I would absolutely recommend these sneakers as a low cost, beginner to intermediate player’s option. Keep in mind when purchasing these sneakers that Adidas tends to run slightly bigger than other sizes so your size in the Samba might be smaller than normal.