College Recruiting Rules

When it comes to college recruiting, the NCAA has numerous rules for coaches to follow. As a player, you are expected to follow these rules as well. Let’s review these rules to better educate ourselves on the process.

Sophomore Year
You may make any number of phone calls and/or e-mails to a coach, at your expense only. The coach may not make any initial contact with you. There may not be any off campus visits or any official visits. You may make an unlimited number of unofficial visits.

Junior Year
As of September 1, you may start receiving mailings from potential coaches. You can still make an unlimited number of calls to the coach at your expense, but coaches can only initiate contact once per week starting July 1 after your Junior Year. After July 1, off campus contact is also allowed. Official campus visits are still not allowed, but you may make any number of unofficial visits.

Senior Year
Starting July 1 after your Junior Year, coaches are allowed to make off campus contact. Starting September 1 of your Senior Year, you can have up to one official visit per Division 1 and Division 2 colleges, with no more than 5 official visits. An official visit can consist of the college paying for all or some of your transportation, room and meals, and admissions to home games, while visiting the college.

But you can still make an unlimited number of unofficial visits. A college coach may contact you or your parents/legal guardians not more than three times during your Senior Year.

The NAIA level does not have a recruiting period like the NCAA. Coaches can recruit year round. These rules were put in place to level the playing field and to stop unethical recruiting practices.