Hey ref, got a little Captain in you?

I’m sure all of us, whether you’re a coach, player, or fan of soccer have had the “pleasure” of witnessing a really bad call by a referee. So I thought it would be interesting to start a conversation about those calls. I happened to catch a Captain Morgan commercial with the usual “Got a little Captain in you?” and “Drink Responsibly” slogans. So I decided to do a quick design for the occassion!

Hey ref, got a little Captain in you

I’m not trying to make the referees out there upset, because there are some really professional referees. But I thought I’d dedicate this image to all the referees who have made some really bad calls! Enjoy!

To start, I remember playing an indoor soccer game and the ball was driven into our end. I happened to get there first and felt the pressure of the attacking team coming. So I thought, there’s no chance that I’d be able to turn and get the ball out. If I did, one of their players would be right on top of me and possibly steal the ball.

So instead, I flipped the ball up in the air and headed it back to my goalkeeper. The referee blew the whistle and gave an indirect kick to the other team. He said I circumvented the rule?! I thought it was a smart move! To be honest, I’m still not sure if that was the correct call. So if anyone knows, feel free to comment!

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