Joshua Correia (Sideline Soccer)

As many of you may or may not know, Joshua Correia is the owner, captain, designer and leading contributor of Sideline Soccer. Recently, we decided to sit down with him and ask some questions that were on our minds!

Q: When and why did you come up with the idea for Sideline Soccer?
I first started drafting the idea of a soccer website back in 2006. Being an assistant coach for a few years, I felt there was a lack of “free” resources for coaches to help us with advice, drills, strategies, rules of the game, etc. I wanted Sideline Soccer to help fill that void.

Being a player and fan of soccer for all of my life, I knew that I did not want the website to focus on coaches only. That’s when I got the idea of organizing the website into categories for Coaches, Players, and Fans. You can be a coach, player, and fan at any point in time or all at the same time, so why limit the site to just one!

Q: Where did you learn how to create websites?
It all started with America Online (AOL). They provided you with some free space to create your own personal web page. The problem was that they limited you to the type of content you could display, as well as the look and feel of the page. That made me mad. I wanted more!

That’s when I started reading up on creating your own website. I spent hours browsing the web, learning how a web page worked, what HTML was, how to set up your own website, etc. I read hundreds of tutorials on how to design and code web pages. I ended up buying my own domain name ( and I have been watching it mature ever since.

A few years ago, I took a Certified Graphics and Web Professional course which really helped finalize some core concepts and techniques for designing and coding web pages.

Q: How did you come up with the design for the Sideline Soccer logo and can you explain it a bit more?
I wanted a professional logo but also wanted something that was going to be fun! I did quite a few rough drafts with various symbols and letter based logos, but kept coming back to the simple soccer ball. I wanted to bring it to life and give it character. That’s when I added the eyes.

Many might think that the logo looks mad or angry, but it wasn’t meant to represent that! There is a goal ahead but with many obstacles in the way. The eyes represent the determination to achieve that goal. So the logo not only represents a goal on the field, but off the field as well, since we can apply it to the obstacles we face in everyday life.

Q: In what direction (philosophically and/or artistically) would you like to see the site go?
Our mission at Sideline Soccer is to educate coaches, players and fans regardless of experience, ability, age, or location on all aspects of the beautiful game of soccer, to promote and encourage sportsmanship and fair play, and to have some fun along the way! With that being said, there are a number of ways we can continue to achieve that.

Besides providing written content, we’d like to incorporate video content as well. I believe that video content may help with understanding what the static diagrams represent.

Content is organized into a number of categories and these may be added to and/or removed depending on what the visitors want. Based on statistics and feedback from our visitors, we hope to continue to provide useful and fun material for all!

As with all websites, a fresh new look is always fun and exciting for all. I already have plans for redesigning the layout of the site and hope to incorporate new features and functions.

Q: When and why did you start playing soccer?
If you asked my mom, I think she’d say I was already kicking before I was even born! But I officially started playing soccer around the age of 5 years old. My dad played soccer in his youth and is a big fan of the sport. He’s the one that got me into the game. He also coached me for a number of years.

Q: What teams have you played for and what teams would you like to play for?
In my youth, I played town soccer. I played for Warriors of Mass in the Maple League for a number of years. I also played in the Olympic Development Program (ODP). Now I play both recreational indoor and outdoor soccer for various teams throughout the year.

If I had a chance to play professionally, I’d love to play for Manchester United!

Q: Who is the most inspirational person and/or coach that you have played against, with or for?
There’s not one but two, my Mom and Dad. They came to the USA many years ago, not knowing how to speak English, with minimal education, looking for a better life. They’ve taught me that through dedication and hard work, you can do anything. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you do!

Q: What’s you favorite number? Position? Player?
My favorite number is 7. My favorite position is a tough call. I’ve played both forward and outside midfield and I like both. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q: Do you play other sports besides soccer?
The only organized sport I’ve played is soccer, but I do like to play other sports for fun. I like Volleyball and Tennis. My family loves to play volleyball at family gatherings. I used to play tennis with my dad and uncles every summer. I also like hockey and basketball.

Q: Is soccer the only thing you do in your free time?
I actually keep myself quite busy with my other interests! I do print and web design on the side under the alias Jacorre Design Studio. If you need logos, business cards, postcards, vector illustrations, websites, etc., please feel free to contact me! You can download some of my design work as wallpapers for your cell phones!

I also write, record, and produce music under the alias Jacorre Sound Studio. I used to love writing poetry when I was younger. When I got into computers I found software for making music. I decided to put the two together and ended up writing and recording over 50 songs so far with the hope to continue to make more! You can download some of my songs as ringtones for your cell phones!