New MLS Philadelphia Team Announces Name and Colors

So if you helped vote for the new Philadelphia team, the results are out. The new team name will be called the Philadelphia Union. The Union is one of the new MLS Expansion Teams set to start playing in 2010, as the 16th team.
The name Union references the original Thirteen Colonies. The team’s colors are navy blue, gold, and light blue. The navy blue and gold are to symbolize the uniforms worn by the American Continental Army. The lighter blue is found in the Philadelphia Flag. The team’s primary symbol is a rattlesnake, which is from the 1750s political cartoons of Ben Franklin, which was used to emphasize the need to unify the colonies and was the primary symbol of the American Revolution.

The Philadelphia Union will play at a state-of-the-art 18,500 seat waterfront stadium in Chester, PA. Season tickets have also officially gone on sale.  Additional information can be found on their newly launched website: