Power Finesse

Power Finesse is a great drill that includes both players and goalkeepers. It helps players with first touch power shots and close up finesse shots. It helps goalkeepers with cutting down angles and limiting rebound opportunities.

Power Finesse Soccer Drill


  • A goalkeeper is needed in the net.
  • Half of the players should line up behind a cone set up 25 yards from goal.
  • The other half should be on the side of the net with balls.


  • The player standing on the side of the net will pass a ball out around the 18 yard box.
  • The player standing 25 yards out will run onto the ball and take a shot. This is their power shot.
  • This same player will continue to run toward the net after taking the power shot.
  • The player standing on the side of the net will pass another ball out, this time in the air.
  • The player running onto the ball should volley or head the ball into the goal. This is their finesse shot.
  • Players should switch lines after each turn.
  • For goalkeepers, advise them to step out of the net a bit in order to cut down the angles available to the shooting player.

Coaching Tips

  • Players that are shooting power shots need to lean over the ball while shooting.
  • If they lean back, they will most likely shoot the ball over the net.
  • For the closer finesse shot, placement is more important than power.


  • Make sure players are using both feet when shooting.
  • Have players that are passing switch to the other side of the goal to change it up.
  • There could also be two lines going, one on each side of the net.
  • Add a defending player running behind the attacking player who is shooting. This adds some game-like pressure where a quick shot is needed.