Soccer is better than just running for women

Soccer is better than running for women says Science Daily, who reported that a new research shows that women benefit more from playing soccer than from just running when it comes to their overall fitness. Women experience a higher degree of motivation and they increase their ability to bridge and create new acquaintances, while playing soccer.

Researchers investigated physiological, sociological and psychological aspects of women’s soccer in comparison to running. The study showed that while it is difficult for women to fit in sports and exercise into their daily lives because of work and family, soccer is easier to stick to than running, since it requires a fixed time and place, where running is too flexible.

Even the motivation is different. Runners are motivated by the idea of getting in shape and improving health. But the soccer players focus on the game itself and are motivated by the social interaction and by having fun with others.

“As it turns out, the soccer players got in better shape than the runners, and that combined with the social benefits makes soccer a great alternative to running”, said Associate Professor Laila Ottesen. “The women who played soccer have continued their soccer training as a group whereas few of the women in the running group continued running after the study. Actually, some of the women from the running group joined teams with the soccer group after the project finished.”