Soccer Tactic Board

We’ve reviewed the NSCAA Technical Exercises for Youth Players DVD and the Adidas Copa Edge Backpack from SoccerPro. Our final product review is the Soccer Tactic Board.

Soccer Tactic Board

If you’re tired of drawing imaginary lines or using rocks and pebbles to create a diagram of a play or scenario in the game, then the Soccer Tactic Board is what you’re looking for! This dry erase board comes with a marker and eraser and the board itself is two-sided. One side is a full field diagram, which is great for discussing tactics and strategies for both offense and defense. The other side is the 18 yard box diagram, which is great for set plays such as free kicks or corner kicks.

The only con I have with this product is it’s size. It’s a very big board and you’ll find it difficult to fit in a backpack. If you use a larger bag, you should have no problem.

If you’d prefer an easy print out, check out our free Soccer Field Diagram on the Stuff page!

If you have bought this tactic board, please let us know what you think by leaving your comments below!