The Froggy

The diving header can be very difficult to master. The Froggy is a great drill to use for teaching how to do diving headers. However, before learning diving headers, make sure players have a good understanding of the basics in heading the ball.

The Froggy Soccer Drill


  • Each player should select a partner.
  • One will be the “froggy” and the other will be responsible for throwing the ball.


  • The player designated as the “froggy” should get down into a crouched position low to the ground.
  • The player designated as the thrower should the toss ball in front of the “froggy”.
  • The “froggy” should leap up and hit the ball with his or her head.
  • Make sure players keep their arms stretched out forward for protection during landing.
  • As players get accustomed to diving, landing, and successfully making contact with the ball, their starting position low to the ground can gradually be moved farther from the ground until they are completely standing up.

Coaching Tips

  • Advise players to keep an eye on the ball and make contact using the forehead.


  • Once players are successful with diving headers when fully standing still, move onto diving headers while running onto the ball.