How to practice soccer on your own

Guest blogger Jared Montz is a former pro player and founder of At the Online Soccer Academy they make better players through free online training videos.  Their mission is to teach players that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work anything in life is possible. 

Lots of players ask me how do I practice soccer on my own.  It’s a good question.  At the Online Soccer Academy that is what we do.  We teach players how to practice on their own time when they don’t have team training.

Below are three videos and exercises that make up a good 1-hour training session you can do on your own.

View Soccer Shooting Video on Youtube.

Start with a 30-minute session.  This session includes your warm up and it has a focus on shooting.  Make sure you get a good warm up so you don’t pull a thigh muscle!

View Chip a Soccer Ball Video on Youtube.

After a few minutes rest from your 30 minute shooting session take 15 minutes and working your chip technique.  Having a great chip technique will greatly improve your long range passing.

View Soccer Juggling Video on Youtube.

Finish your session with 15 minutes of juggling.  In the above video you will learn how to do advanced feet juggling but you can do any juggling style you want.  Towards the end of your 15 minutes give yourself two tries to beat your juggling record.

After your 1-hour session is over finish with a light cool down and stretching.  Maybe a few push-ups and sit ups too if you are feeling up for it!

Have a great session and enjoy the process of improving.  Small improvements daily equal big improvements over time.