5 steps to teach a soccer drill

Maybe you had a tough game this past weekend and your team was struggling with marking players on the opposing team. As a coach, you want to correct this so it will not be a problem in future games. For the next practice, you develop a drill that will hopefully teach players how to properly mark their opponents. But how do you present it to them so they learn quickly and effectively?

The following represents 5 simple steps to teach a soccer drill:

  1. Introduce the drill
    Describe the purpose of the drill and why it is being used.
  2. Demonstrate the drill
    Select a few players and ask them to help you demonstrate the drill. Walk through each step with them slowly. This will allow for the entire team to get a better understanding of what’s expected.
  3. Have players execute the drill
    Step back and have the players run the drill.
  4. Correct mistakes and demonstrate proper execution
    Keep an eye on how the drill is progressing. If it is not being run correctly, stop the drill and demonstrate it again until all players understand what’s expected. If there are mistakes being made, stop the drill and demonstrate proper execution. Compliment players when they are performing well.
  5. Continue to practice until learning is evident
    Once a drill or technique is learned, it needs to be reinforced with repetition. This is key because players will be able to perform the drill or technique quickly and effectively without having to think about it.