Coaches Code of Conduct

The game of soccer should always be a fair, positive, and enjoyable experience for all coaches, players, parents, and fans. As a coach, you are responsible for your players, parents, and fans. However, their attitude, the way they act, and the way they speak starts with you.

Coaches should keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Before, during, and after a game, be patient and positive. Your attitude will have a direct affect on the attitude of your players, parents, and spectators. It does not help the cause if it’s negative and disrespectful.
  • Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referees.
  • During a game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If a player is being disrespectful, take the player out of the game and have a talk. Do not put the player back in the game until he/she has calmed down and understands what’s expected.
  • During a game, you are responsible for the conduct of the parents and spectators of your team. If a parent or spectator is being disrespectful, you need to calm them down. You may also have to ask them to leave. To avoid these issues, it’s best to have a “Meet the Parents” meeting before the season begins to discuss guidelines.
  • During a game, do not speak to the referee. If there’s an issue, discuss it with the referee in a calm and patient manner when the game has finished. If you feel the referee was unfair, biased, or incompetent, bring this up with the league.
  • After a game, thank the referees and have your players do the same.