Soccer Tricks: Maradona/Zidane Turn

This trick was made famous by both Diego Maradona of Argentina and Zinedine Zidane of France. It’s a spin type turn that allows you to avoid an opponent while changing direction quickly. With this article, we’ll provide step by step instructions as well as a video example.

Maradona/Zidane Step 1

Step 1

Dribble the ball at an angle toward the opponent. In this example, we are using the left foot for the counterclockwise spin with the ball. So the approach angle is toward the left side of the opponent. When you’re ready to make the turn, stop the ball with your right foot and drag the ball back.

Maradona/Zidane Step 2

Step 2

Start your counterclockwise spin. At this point, your body will be in between the ball and the opponent, which makes it difficult for the opponent to see or easily gain control of the ball.

Maradona/Zidane Step 3

Step 3

Use your left foot to roll the ball away from the opponent and continue your run.

Where you begin the turn is important. Too close and the opponent can step in and gain control of the ball. Too far and the turn is not utilized at the right time and again the opponent can step in and gain control. Practice it slowly using your planting foot as you make the turn. Gradually increase your speed and if you’re comfortable with the turn, you should be able to do it without the need to plant your foot first when making the turn. Below is a video example: