Soccer Equipment

NOTE: Information found in this article was cited from the official “Laws of the Game” which can be found on

Because soccer is such a simple game, there is not much equipment needed to play unlike other sports. This makes the game less expensive to play, which makes both parents and players happy! Let’s see what’s needed!

The following is a basic list of soccer equipment:

  • A jersey or shirt with sleeves – if undergarments are worn, the color of the sleeves must be the same main color as the sleeve of the jersey or shirt
  • Shorts – if undershorts are worn, they must be of the same main color as the shorts
  • Socks
  • Shinguards
  • Footwear

Players, including goalkeepers, cannot use any equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to him or herself or other players. This includes not wearing any type of jewelry.

Teams must wear colors that are different from each other, as well as the referee and assistant referees. Goalkeepers must also wear colors that are different the other players, as well as the referee and assistant referees.

Shinguards must be covered entirely by socks. They must be made of rubber, plastic, or a similar suitable material. They must provide a reasonable degree of protection.

If there is a player who does not abide by the rules for proper soccer equipment, the referee will ask the player to leave the field of play and correct the problem. Once the referee has checked to make sure the problem is corrected, the referee will allow the player to return to the field.

If a player, who was asked to leave the field of play to correct an equipment problem, returns to the field without the referee’s permission, the player will be cautioned with a yellow card. Play will restart with an indirect kick for the opposing team from where play was last stopped.