The Basic Shot

If you have already read about The Basic Pass, you are more than halfway there to making a proper shot. You already know the body positioning over the ball and the leg movement to address the ball. Now you just need to learn how the angle of your ankle needs to adjust to strike the ball.

Basic Shot Diagram 1

As we mentioned in The Basic Pass, a pass can be made with the laces of your shoe. This is also how to perform a shot. This differs from the pass in three ways. First, instead of turning your leg out to the side you will keep your leg and knee pointed forward through the ball. Next, instead of creating a 90 degree angle with your ankle, you will point your toe towards the ground so that the first point of contact on the ball is the top of your foot. You should not kick the ball with your toe as this can damage the toe nail and even, in more severe circumstances, cause fractures in the foot bones. Lastly, you will want to bend your knee a bit more so that the added length of your pointed toe will not hit the ground and stub your toe or strain your ankle.

Basic Shot Diagram 2

Using your thigh muscles you will drive your leg and knee through the ball. Your follow-through should include the straightening of your leg, which will increase the power behind your shot as well as help to direct the ball.