Free Dribbling

Free Dribbling is is a simple warm-up that can be used for all ages. The focus of this warm-up is having players getting lots of touches on the ball. It’s important for players to get lots of touches during every practice session and this drill is a great way to start.

Free Dribbling Soccer Drill


  • Mark a small area with cones and have each player begin with a ball at their feet inside the area.
  • The 18 yard box could also be used if no cones are available.


  • Have players dribble the ball within the designated area. Speed is not important.
  • Advise players to make sure to keep possession of their own ball and not bump into other players.
  • While the players are dribbling, shout out some instructions such as:
    • Dribble with only the left or right foot
    • Dribble with only the inside or outside of the foot
    • Dribble with only the soul of the foot

Coaching Tips

  • Advise players to keep their heads up while dribbling and be aware of what’s around them.
  • Soft touches should be made to keep the ball close and in control.


  • The possibilities are endless with what you can come up for variations. Have fun with it!