Don’t Feed The Animals

Don’t Feed The Animals is a variation of Monkey In The Middle but the theme is that of a zoo! It focuses on accuracy, ball control, and anticipation. This is a fun drill for all ages!

Don't Feed The Animals Soccer Drill


  • Zookeepers, the four players in red, do not want you to feed the animals, the two players in the center circle.
  • The visitors, the players around the outside perimeter of the zoo, each have a ball.


  • The visitors try to feed the animals by successfully passing them the ball.
  • The animals must successfully trap the ball and pass it back in order for it to count. The animals cannot leave the cage.
  • The zookeepers are responsible for stopping the visitors from feeding the animals by intercepting their passes.
  • Zookeepers and visitors are not allowed to enter the cage or leave the zoo.
  • Visitors are allowed to pass the ball to other visitors.
  • Play for a few minutes. Whoever has the most points wins.
  • Have the players switch roles after each session.
  • Have the players decide which animals they want to be before the drill begins!

Coaching Tips

  • Instruct visitors to keep their heads up and communicate with other visitors and animals.
  • Passing the ball to another visitor can confuse the zookeepers and provide an easy opening to feed the animals.
  • The weight of the pass is very important in this drill. Too weak, and the zookeepers will easily intercept it. Too strong, and the ball will leave the zoo.
  • Both the visitors and animals need to control the ball well or they may lose it to the zookeepers. Instruct players on their first touch.


  • If the visitors aren’t feeding the animals enough, remove a zookeeper.
  • If the visitors are feeding the animals too much, add more zookeepers.