Pass and Receive

Passing and receiving happens all the time in a game of soccer. So knowing how to do it successfully is important. This is a simple drill suitable for younger players but can be altered for older players as well.

Pass and Receive Soccer Drill


  • Create small goals a few yards wide with cones in a straight line making sure there is space in between each goal.
  • Players should pair up and each pair should have a ball and stand at their own goal.
  • One player should stand on one side of the goal with the ball, while the other teammate should stand on the opposite side of the goal.
  • They should face each other but be about 10 yards apart.


  • Players with the ball should pass the ball through the goal to the teammates on the other side.
  • Teammates should stop the ball first and then pass the ball through the goal back to the players.

Coaching Tips

  • Instruct players who are receiving a pass to stop the ball using the inside of the foot.
  • The foot should be a little off the ground.
  • The toe should be facing slightly upward and the heel should be facing slightly downward.
  • Players should take their time passing and receiving.
  • The goal in this drill is repetition, to get as many touches on the ball as possible.


  • Have players switch feet, making sure they use both the left and right foot when passing and receiving.
  • Have players use both the inside and outside of the foot when passing and receiving.
  • When players become comfortable with passing and receiving, increase the distance between teammates.
  • Decrease the width of the goals making it more difficult to pass the ball successfully through.