Soccer Tricks: The Cruyff

The Cruyff is a great drag back move that leaves the opponent wondering where you went! Named after the famous Johan Cruyff who played for Ajax and the Netherlands, it involves balance a bit of good acting. In this article, we’ll provide step by step instructions as well as a video example.

The Cruyff Step 1

Step 1

This move is best used when pretending to make a long pass or cross. This is where the acting comes into play. You really need to sell the idea that you’re about to make a long pass or cross.

The Cruyff Step 2

Step 2

After planting your standing foot, your kicking foot is going to move over the ball instead of actually kicking it. You then use the inside of that same foot to drag the ball back.

The Cruyff Step 3

Step 3

Turn your body and dribble in the opposite direction.

Below is a video example: