The Star

The Star drill instructs players to pay attention to their surroundings while dribbling through traffic.

The Star Soccer Drill


  • Players should create five lines around the center circle, or a circle about 20 yards wide marked out by cones, so that the 5 lines form the points of a star.
  • Choose one line to start with a soccer ball.


  • The player with the ball will dribble to the second line to their left and then pass to the first player in that line.
  • That player receives the ball, dribbles to the second line to their left and then passes to the first player in that line.
  • This continues forming a star pattern.
  • When players are getting accustomed to the drill, add a second ball.

Coaching Tips

  • Instruct players to keep their heads up and the ball close to their feet to maintain control while dribbling through the circle.
  • Players who are about to receive a pass should call for the ball.


  • An additional ball can be added as players become more advanced.
  • The distance between lines can be increased or decreased as well.
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