Why the number?

Traditionally, jersey numbers were assigned based on the position you played on the field. Goalkeepers would have number 1 and then numbers would increase from there to defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Basically the starting lineup would have numbers 1 through 11 and then substitutes would have higher numbers.

Why The Number?

In 1993, England’s Football Association let go of the traditional use of 1-11 for the starting lineup and many other leagues followed suit.

Now that there’s less restrictions on the number a player can choose, I wonder why that specific number is chosen? Is it based on a favorite player? Is it a lucky number? Did the player have no choice and was just given the number?

I can remember during my younger years my favorite hockey player was Cam Neely from the Boston Bruins and he was number 8. I know, he has nothing to do with soccer but when it came time for me to pick a number that’s what I went with. Later on I ended up switching to number 7 based on Luis Figo of Portugal. Number 7 has stuck ever since.

So what about you? What’s your number and why did you pick it? Please leave comments below!

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