Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light is a fun and easy drill for the youngsters! It will help them learn how to dribble and stay in control of the ball while having some fun!

You can either designate a playing area or have players line up on the touch line with space in between each player. Every player will need a ball.

To start, say “Yellow Light”! Players should dribble the ball forward in a straight line at a slow pace. Then say “Green Light”! Players should continue to dribble the ball forward in a straight line but this time at a fast pace. Finally, say “Red Light”! Players should stop the ball and keep their foot on top of the ball in possession. Continue to control the drill with the frequency and variation of light changes!

Coaching Tips
Instruct players to keep their heads up while dribbling. Players should also try and keep the ball close to their feet and not lose possession when it needs to be stopped.

When players begin to get accustomed to the drill, vary it by allowing them to dribble in any direction. Add new colored lights! For example, if you say “Black Light” then they need to dance around the ball! If you say “Blue Light” then they need to hop back and forth over the ball. Have fun with it!

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On December 22, 2008 Jake said

as players grow older it can also be played like the kids game where everyone lines up at one end of the playing area and tries to reach the other end first. if the “light” catches someone moving after he/she says red light they get sent back to the beginning.

On December 22, 2008 Joshua said

Ah yes I forgot about that variation! Thanks Jake!

On December 23, 2008 Danie said

That’s a good idea to make additional colored lights! When I was young my coaches would also use numbers.

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