Simon Says

The old school game of Simon Says can be used with younger players to teach dribbling, controlling the ball and listening.


  • Set up a grid of 10-20 yards depending upon how many players and the skill of the players.


  • Have players dribble in the grid while you call out instructions starting with the phrase “Simon Says…”.
  • The instructions can be as simple as turn right or left, stop the ball, dribble fast, or dribble slow.
  • You can also call out moves such as a step over or having them do their own move.
  • Have fun with it and come up with some other funny instructions!

Coaching Tips

  • Instruct players to keep the ball close to them and stay in control when dribbling and stopping the ball.
  • Keeping their head up will help them from running into one another, which is like avoiding pressure in a game.
  • Advise players to listen carefully to what is being said. This relates to listening to your teammates when they call out things such as man on or support.


  • Having real game instructions and fun ones will keep the kids interested in the game and having a good time.
  • Instead of you calling out instructions, you can have players take turns calling them out.