Number of Players

Number of Players

In a game of outdoor soccer, a team should field no more than 11 players, one of which is the goalkeeper. A game cannot start if a team has fewer than 7 players on the field. If a team cannot field the minimum amount of players, they may have to forfeit the game.

Disciplinary Offences

In short, a yellow card is used to caution a player. A red card is used to send off a player. But for what reason? Let’s take a closer look as to why a referee would discipline a player. Continue reading »

Dropped Ball

Dropped Ball

During a game, you may have seen a second ball mistakenly thrown or kicked into the field, possibly from another field nearby. If this happens, the referee will stop play, remove the second ball, and restart the game with a dropped ball. What’s a dropped ball? Continue reading »

When is the ball out of play?

During the game of soccer, the ball travels many miles, being kicked off of players’ feet, hit off players’ heads, bounced off goal posts, and more! But when is the ball actually considered out of play? Let’s find out! Continue reading »

Penalty Kick

Penalty Kick

You’ve broken through the defense and are on your way towards the net all alone. As you enter the penalty area, you’ve already decided where to place the ball. You’re about to take a shot, when all of a sudden, a defender slides in and causes you to fall. Will the referee call a penalty kick? Continue reading »

Direct vs Indirect Kick

During a soccer game, you may have seen the game stopped by the referee and one team is awarded a free kick. The type of free kick awarded is either direct or indirect. So what’s the difference? Let’s find out! Continue reading »


The offside rule is probably one of the most difficult rules in the game of soccer. As a referee, you need to make a split second decision based on what you see. As a coach or player, you either agree or disagree with that decision based on whether you’re attacking or defending! Continue reading »

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